Hello, I'm Vanessa Rockey

About  (She/Her)

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 I started my journey into the hair industry over 20 years ago as a bridal hairstylist and absolutely fell in love with it.  As a Eufora Educator since 2005 & an American Board Certified Master Colorist, my specialties include customizing colors to help each guest celebrate their inner and outer beauty. Whether you are looking to transition into your gray, or hide it to become a "natural" blonde, brunette, or go boldly red, I'm here to help make that happen. As for hair cutting, my favorite cuts to do are above the collar bone, for effortless styling. But, and its a big one, I also LOVE cutting curly hair and can help you achieve less frustration with your natural texture. I do my best work with medium to loose textured curls. The kind that can't seem to commit to being curly or straight.


My career as a professional Daymaker gives me the opportunity to help you achieve the healthy, gorgeous hair of your dreams. I can't wait to work with you on your own hair journey.


Vanessa is also happy to offer "Silent" appointments if requested. No Small Talk, Once we have gotten our consultation out of the way, You can either just zone out and relax, or feel free to work through your appointment. While silent appointments do mean limited small talk between you and your stylist, they do not guarantee a silent salon if there is another stylist and her client in the room. If total silence is requested, there are days where only Vanessa works in the salon where that scenario can be accomplished. Reach out  to arrange this directly. 

Fun Facts 

Up until this year, I've rejected all things woo woo. This year, I've decided to try something new and I'm learning about meditation and healthier mindsets. I don't know where that will take me, but there's nothing to lose by trying to be more positive in life. Seriously Soundbaths at the ocean with my good friend Kristen Soseman are so nice. 


When I'm not working behind the chair, sometimes I'm out teaching for Eufora, or making jewelry for my website aloralocks.etsy.com.


Mostly, I'm spending quality time with my husband Brian and our 2 cats Wesley & Fezzik (Yep the characters from the Princess Bride movie). My favorite color is blue. My favorite movie is Princess Bride & Shag.  I love camping, the ocean, animals, kitties. Did I mention kitties?

I also probably watch way too much tv, but I try to keep it to fun light hearted shows, with the occasional Stranger Things type of show thrown in. 

Odd facts about me: I lived in Malaysia from 6-8 yrs old.


Who are you supporting by coming to me?


I Believe in Reproductive Rights & Bodily Autonomy

I LOVE our LGBTQ+ Guests & Support The Community

I Support Preferred Pronouns.

I Believe in Equal Rights For All

I Believe Black Lives Matter

I Do Not Allow Racist

or Homophobic comments in our salon.

I Believe in Science

I Believe in Freedom of Religion, All Religions

I Do Not Believe Religion Belongs Anywhere In Lawmaking

I Believe We Can All Do & Be Better.

If that's important to you, I'm happy you agree with me. If those things are not important to you, and you're just interested in having a fantastic salon experience, I'm happy to have you in my chair too. We try to keep our salon light, happy, and focused and happy things. You're with us to relax and get pampered.




Vanessa Rockey Campbell, CA Hairstylist

Please note that due to availability limitations, Vanessas' latest available time for haircut only appointments is now 4pm. 

If you have questions, you can reach out to Vanessa directly by emailing her at alovasalon@gmail.com

Text or Call (408) 890-8137

All booking is done online through the Book Now Link. 


My husband Brian and I sometimes clean up nice and head out. Its rare, but possible. He's a pretty amazing man who started life with me as an EMT and has now passed the CA Bar Exam. Just waiting on the Review before he can finally say those words "I'm a Lawyer"


This is a visual representation of the inside of my brain at any given time. Also, its a picture I took at the Chihuluy Glass Museum in Seattle, WA

2 gray cats

My "fur children" Wesley & Fezzik. Wesley actually went viral on Tik Tok during the pandemic for his outrageously loud and soothing purr. Fezzik may not have a loud purr but his snuggle game is very strong.

Camping in Big Sur

I did a lot of the painting reupholstering,  and custom building things in the salon, because I LOVE getting crafty, I was raised by a handy single momma.

I live for Glamping! and I usually force my husband to join me. I love taking that time with no cell service to just reset and soak in the water, or make delicious meals on the camp stove. But in all seriousness, I have a huge tent and a tall air mattress because, I'm not interested in sleeping on rocks.

2018   Winner Bangstyle Supreme  Stylist

2017   Winner Bangstyle Supreme Stylist

2016   Winner SOYA Color Visionary Of The Year

2015   2nd Place Eufora Make Over Madness

2015   Winner EuforaStyle Competition

2014   Winner Eufora Make Over Madness

2013   RAWartists National Hairdresser of the Year

2013   2nd Place Eufora SOYA Make-Over

2013   2nd Place Eufora SOYA Contemporary Classic

2013   2nd Place Eufora SOYA Avant Garde

2013   2nd Place Eufora SOYA Team Collaboration

2011   2nd Place Eufora SOYA Make Over

2011   2nd Place Eufora SOYA Contemporary Classic

2010   2nd Place Eufora SOYA Make Over