Perfectress 100% Human Hair Extensions

Now offering the Safest, Non-damaging, Innovative Hair Extensions!

Specializing in PerfecTress Customized Link-Weft Extensions &  Clip-In 


The PerfecTress Link Weft system is very similar to the ultra popular NBR (natural beaded rows) method all over social media. Link Wefts are a customizable system that is applied by using tiny hidden aluminum alloy rings that are concealed by the weft and lay flat against scalp for the ultimate in comfort wear. They are almost undetectable and can transform your look in under 90 minute! Wear your hair in a high pony tail or upstyle without revealing your secret extensions. This hair can be reused for up to 1 year. Need a break from wearing them full time, these extensions can also be turned into custom clip-in extensions once removed from head. Available in single or double density wefts. Installed in 1-3 rows on most people.

This method replaces tape-ins. Its fast, easily blended, and doesn't result in sticky residue on your hair over time. In short, these are phenomenal.



About The Hair

PerfecTress® Human hair has all cuticles intact which makes it less likely to tangle, more durable and reflects a natural shine. The cuticle plays a vital role as it is the hairs only protection.

All cuticles are lying in the same direction. This results in tangle free hair that is easy to comb, brush and style.

The Ends are trimmed off which helps to prevent matting at the ends and the hair will have no split ends. Amazingly durable hair quality with a soft and smooth European hair texture.

Colour fast. Has a natural shine, no artificial gloss. Moves, feels and handles as natural hair.

All the hair has received a Perma Moisture Treatment. This is a form of protein injected inside the hair cortex that prevents the hair from drying out.

All the Hair has received a Micro Polymer Cross Linking Treatment. This is a unique and revolutionary treatment that encapsulates the hair with Micro polymers like a fine net resulting in a silky smooth surface that does not tangle.